Coast Cryo Testimonials Whole body Cryotherapy in Marina del Rey.

Have been doing cryotherapy for the last few weeks now. I know some say it's another fad, but I sure hope this fad stays. I'm very active, I beat up my I went for an 8 mile run, and I feel stronger, faster. My recovery time is shorter. I'm a fan alongside #KobeBryant, #LebronJames, #DemiMoore, #KateMoss, #JessicaAlba, #JenniferAniston. Thanks @coastcryo. See you in a few days!

Lana T. via Instagram

I injured my back during CrossFit a few years ago, and since then it has never been the same! I decided to give Coast Cryo a try when I saw one of my pilates instructors post about it and heard many great things about it from other members at the studio I go to. At first I was scared to try it, but the girl at the front desk made me feel very comfortable. After 3 minutes in the chamber, I literally felt like a brand new person! It reduced inflammation in my back as well as soreness from working out. I will definitely be back!!!

Scott K. via Instagram

This technology is revolutionary for helping athletes recover muscle quicker to get back to their sport as good good as new. As a neighboring Gyrotonic studio owner I am excited to see the growth that Coast Cryo brings to the area. This business is well-organized, has a safe, peaceful environment and is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly people.

Rosemary M. via Facebook

So excited to have found a legit spot to Cryo in my neighborhood! I was first introduced to Cryotherapy a few months ago while visiting friends in Austin! Since then I've been looking for a great place and I just found it at Coast Cryo! The owner, Matt, is great! Super friendly and knowledgable about the benefits of Cryo! (Support energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, elevate mood, improve sleep, promote weight loss and the list goes on). The location is great, staff is great, place is clean and they have everything you need to make your experience one you won't forget! Having played college sports and spent many days and lots of time freezing in ice baths I can genuinely say this is the best thing since sliced bread! You are in and out in 3 minutes and your body feels rejuvenated! Go check it out!

Lauren S. via Yelp

I, admittedly, don't handle stress very well. Cryotherapy as much as possible this month (2-3x a week) is aiding in getting me back to level, along with diet, exercise, prayer, meditation, and text msging with my family. If you're local to Venice/MDR, go check out @coastcryo. I hear they are getting an infrared sauna soon too.

Mary @PaleoChef via Instagram

I just did my first ever cryotherapy at Coast Cryo. I was initial intimidated by the extreme temperatures. The amazing hands-on staff were polite, informative, and re-assuring. I'm glad I listened to them. What a great feeling of rejuvenation and pain relief. Felt like it helped with inflammation & recovery. I will definitely be back for another whole body Cryotherapy session in Marina del Rey.

Scott E. via Yelp

It's not how hard you's how smart you recover! @coastcryo is the best in LA! #guruky #kystrong #fitlife #cryotherapy #nbcstrong #wholebodycryotherapy

Ky Evans @TheRealKyEvans via Twitter & Instagram

I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed. Results were all I was concerned with and they delivered. 3 minutes seems too short for anything to be valuable, but I am a true believer now. I went in not knowing anything about it except there are heathy benefits. The staff was very informative and supportive explaining every detail. No pushy sales people, just very nice professionals. And other clients there were also supportive and encouraging, willing to share their experience and benefits. Very sore muscles and inflammation was gone, and stayed gone. I kept waiting for it to return, but was only very relaxed. Highly recommended. I can see why athletes and anyone ailing are fans. Quick and efficient. Thanks!

J.B. via Twitter

Obsessed is an understatement! --Can't say enough about this place. I went in for the first time yesterday when I found out that I could quickly burn a few (700+) calories in one session. -- In between Christmas shopping .. (I was only in there for 3 minutes!!) .. I was in and out and back on my way!! -- I can only imagine what my body will be like after doing this for a few weeks in the future. --I came out feeling more refreshed than ever and I felt skinnier. Especially in my thigh area! Matt was so nice and made sure that I felt comfortable throughout my experience!! I will definitely be back and would recommend this for everyone!

Stevie P. via Instagram

I recently injured my leg and I've been twice so far. The therapy has helped me in my recovery especially with my swelling. I will continue to go until I am healed. All I can say it's worth it!

Krista J. via Facebook

When I find something that works, I must share! Just did the LA Marathon on 2-14-2016 and had some soreness to be expected. We often do ice baths after tough runs or workouts. Its good for reducing inflammation and reducing pain and soreness. Well this is the next level. 3 minutes in the chamber and I feel brand new. I went last night and am walking much better. My quads and hamstrings and back feels so much better. Here's what happens:

  1. You undress in a dressing room and they give you clean gloves, socks, robe and house shoes to put on.
  2. They walk you to the room where the chamber is.
  3. They put the temp to -165° and you get in and take the robe off.
  4. Then the begin reducing the temp to -230°. The lady stays in there and you can get out at any time. The chamber doesn't have a lock or anything, you just push the door open. I talked to the lady the whole time to be distracted. It was cold but not horrible.
  5. Then after 3 minutes you get out and change.
And the staff is really nice!
I feel much better.
If you run or have hard workouts or chronic pain, I would recommend it!

Wendy W. via Telp

Fabulous staff... Great space.... Many benefits using Cryotherapy....helped me with a pulled Piriformis and weight loss....

Lorilynne F. via Facebook